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Archive Fun

What fun you can have with twenty five thousand pictures. Somebody stop me --- I added random archive photos to this page. See left and bottom. There are also a few random photos on every photo page in the archive. And if you are really ready for some fun - try Archives Sample.


Blogger Tod said...

11:30PM IM from Mark last night below. Does anyone know what's he's talking about? Somehow it sounds like a kludge to me (?)

(ps I'm sure those on dial-up love the 7 extra thumbs they download everytime they view a pic. I do like the "Archives Sample" feature. You should add it to the archives menu. "Calendar, Recent Changes, Archive Sample"

Mark Famous says:
Mark Famous says:
Got your linking!!!!!!!
Mark Famous says:
The secret?
Mark Famous says:
When the request for a random shot come it, there is a "requester" and a "no". That is stored in the session along with the returned ID.
Mark Famous says:
When the show page message comes through on the click through, the request also has a "requester" and "no".
Mark Famous says:
We look that up in the session and get the ID
Mark Famous says:
Then return the actual page URL
Mark Famous says:

11:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Mark, how long have you been taking Timothy Leary's favorite mind bender......


6:55 PM  

Blogger Mark said...

Games to play with the new random photos.

- Figure the odds of seeing a photo of Tod's paint stripping. (1 in 4 for me.)
- Picture Association. Can you tell a story that goes with the series of pictures displayed.
- Return to Original. Can you click the photos at the bottom of the photo pages and get back to the picture you started with?

7:01 PM  

Blogger Mark said...

Another game: Find a picture of Emma. Look at the bottom. Find a picture of Emma in the random shots at the bottom. Click It. Repeat - how many can you go?

10:04 PM  

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Famous Family Archives

The Famous Family Archives has an extensive collection of photos and more. Also check out the Archives Calendar with everything organized by date and the Archives Recent Changes. If you want to know what Mark's fixed recently, try the What's New Page. Here are some random images:



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