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NHHS Choral Arts Concert Dedication - May 10

North Harford High School
Choral Arts Concert
"Out of the Deep - A Prayer for the Children"
May 10, 2005 - 7:00 PM
Kennard-Dale HS (NHHS auditorium is being renovated.)
The Rutter "Requiem" performed at this concert is being dedicated to the memory of Judith L. Famous, who died of cancer in late March. Mrs. Famous, who was Music Director at Emory Church, was an accomplished oboe player who gave private lessons, and taught for 30 years in Harford County schools. Most recently, she taught at Prospect Mill, Forest Lake and Bel Air elementary schools. Mrs. Famous played the oboe in the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra, for her church, and in several small groups she formed. In past years, she had been a featured instrumentalist in North Harford High School choral programs. The "Requiem" oboe line will be played by one of Mrs. Famous' former students.
North Harford High School Choral Arts


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