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Famous Gardens

The harvest in MA. Wonder who ate it?

The garden in CT. Emma keeps picking the grape tomatoes for Daddy. She doesn't like them (at least she thinks she doesn't like them) but she picks them anyway.

Famous Family Archives Full?

The archives are getting full. We have about 35 gig of hard disk space for the archives. I'm going to purchase some dual SATA 250 gig (or 300 gig) hard drives and install them in the server using RAID rudunancy. This should free up more space and make the archive an even safer backup of everyone's photos. (The nice thing about the archive is that everyone has a backup - their own copy and the archive's copy.) I plan to do this in the second half of August. Thanks to Tod and Janet for helping with the cost.

Vacation in VT

Jen, Mark & Emma's Vermont Vacation.

Also note we've reworked the Jen and Mark page. All of the old links are still there, but the page will include postings for the Mark, Jen & Emma family.

SSO Concert Dedication - March 12, 2006

Sheldon Bair reports, "The SSO will dedicate the Sunday, March 12, 2006, 3:00 p.m. concert to Judith Famous. Matt Bachman will be playing the Schumann."
Update August 2005 - The SSO Website now includes this concert.


Famous Family Archives

The Famous Family Archives has an extensive collection of photos and more. Also check out the Archives Calendar with everything organized by date and the Archives Recent Changes. If you want to know what Mark's fixed recently, try the What's New Page. Here are some random images:



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